wilderness logoD.S. Cole Growers commercial greenhouse complex located in Loudon, New Hampshire.

They are highly regarded in the industry due to their commitment to automation and innovation and are also the first North American grower to be certified under the Dutch standards as a sustainable grower. Their production operations are focused mainly on young plants, which are shipped nationwide to other North American growers. Approximately one-third of the company’s production is full-grown, nursery-ready plants, which they distribute across New England in the United States.

Doug Cole, company president and owner, is well known for leading the development of several varieties of plants offered by D.S. Cole Growers. He has also been committed to implementing state-of-the-art automation and computerized systems to make the company’s production more efficient and to ultimately save on labor costs. Doug took the leap of faith to automation early on in the 1990s and began working with HOVE International, Inc.

Now D.S. Cole Growers are expanding their greenhouse operation by adding a new 4.200 m2 open roof greenhouse. When the greenhouse is finished, the total acreage under glass will be 18,700 m2.

The extra 4.200 m2 will be used as extra growing surface for production of young plants.

Because of the good relationship with Hove International Inc. and Logiqs B.V., Doug Cole has chosen once again to entrust us to design and implement a rolling bench system for the new growing area.

The system will be using 2.920 mm long x 1.650 mm wide ebb/flow rolling benches with aluminum liners. We are extending the existing transport lines as well and upgrading the production area.

VB Group, who are renowned worldwide in the realization of high-tech horticultural greenhouses, will once again be responsible for building the greenhouse.

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