It takes not only teamwork but technology to produce the millions of plants from Bell Nursery each year.

With more than 500,000 square feet under glass and another 30 acres of field production, the Bell Nursery team understands the importance of utilising new technologies to work productively and ensure a solid return on investment (ROI).

In the 1990's, Bell Nursery realised that automation would be a critical component to the future growth of the business.

As a result, they have automated everything from irrigating to transplanting at their Burtsonsville, Salisbury, and Princess Anne locations in Maryland.

Edwin Hoenderdos, CEO of HOVE International, Inc. began working with Bell Nursery in 1997, facilitating their selection, purchase, and installation of several automation solutions. 

 Over the years, Bell Nursery has selected and implemented our mobile bench systems; our internal transport lines and work systems; and our ebb and flow bench system.

 Working with Bell Nursery offered some unique challenges and opportunities for creative solutions. The ebb and flow bench system selected for the Princess Anne site required some special engineering in order to retrofit to existing systems already in place at their greenhouses.

 The HOVE / Logiqs team’s solutions have helped Bell Nursery achieve their production and growth goals. The systems we have installed at their greenhouses have also required minimal maintenance over the years and delivered the return on investment (ROI) that Bell Nursery expects.

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