Dat-A-Control: The Control and Registration system

Dat-A-Control is the name of the standardized software package from Logiqs which offers growers complete control over logistic processes, while registering all relevant information about production process and making it available to the grower.

Dat-A-Control is the connection between the grower and the greenhouse's logistical system.

Because the needs of each grower are quite different the Dat-A-Control software is built in a modular manner, so that the grower can only purchase the modules that he wants.

Dat-A-Control Modules

  • Dat-A-Logiqs: the building block of Dat-A-Control, supplies the grower with a real time graphical representation of the greenhouse and translates requests into machine settings and instructions;
  • Dat-A-Plant: keeps track of the location and history of the plants and plant batches in the greenhouse;
  • Dat-A-Planner: is the most advanced production planning solution available. Dat-A-Planner gives the grower the possibility to easily put together a quality production plan, based on reliable information and well known growing schedules.
  • Dat-A-Potting: gives the grower control of the potting process and a clear overview on completed potting tasks, pending tasks, pot pattern on the rolling benches, etc;
  • Dat-A-Spacing: makes it possible to trace individual plants throughout the spacing and sorting process. Spacing and sorting orders can be inserted and controlled;
  • Dat-A-Pick&Place: makes it possible to control pick and place robots from inside Dat-A-Control;
  • Dat-A-Pocket: is the software solution for monitoring and controlling an automated greenhouse by using a Smartphone or tablet.
  • Dat-A-SMS: is a notification system for Dat-A-Control that makes it possible for you to be notified by SMS when certain events happen.

Before any system is installed in a greenhouse, customer level testing is performed by our software engineering team so that any possible problems are detected in advance. This shortens the on-site set-up duration of the project considerably.

For more information on the Dat-A-Control software please also visit the Logiqs website.

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a Rolling Bench system controlled using Dat-A-Control, please get in touch with us!

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