One of the needs repeatedly expressed by our customers, was to have automatic irrigation control for individual benches as well as a better overview of the irrigation history in their greenhouses.

Together with Logiqs and Denton Automation Ltd., we can offer our customers the most advanced Automatic Irrigation Booms on the market, with both ebb and flood feed and spray nozzles. The irrigation booms are also fully integrable with the Dat-A-Control Software.

Some of the features of innovative Irrigation Booms are:

Intelligent design:

  • Twin rail for stability and load carrying capacity
  • Run lengths in excess of 200m and widths up to 13m
  • Utilizes heating pipes keeping costs and light loss to a minimum
  • Energy efficient 240v inverter drive provides a full range of speeds
  • Non-slip wire drive incorporating flexibly positioned drive hub.
  • Center feed hose handling
  • Low voltage signalling
  • Optional ‘walk through’ booms to allow pathway access
  • Quick and simple to install Brackets for attaching injectors
  • Fully galvanized or zinc plated chassis and track components.
  • Stainless steel or PVC boom components
  • Can be used for misting and spraying
  • The irrigation booms can also be configured to also have ebb and flood capabilities
  • Spuitboom-1
  • Spuitboom-2
  • Spuitboom-3
  • Spuitboom-4
  • Spuitboom-5
  • Spuitboom-6
  • Spuitboom-7
  • Spuitboom-8

Nozzles and Booms

  • Full range of interchangeable nozzle tips providing a choice of application rates and droplet sizes
  • Anti-drip nozzle bodies to prevent drip damage and water waste fitted as standard
  • Optional turret nozzles to provide easy selection of required nozzle tips
  • Drop tubes for watering in-between plants or flooding
  • Edge nozzles for watering fast drying bed edges
  • High volume dribble booms also available
  • Twin booms to permit simultaneous spraying and watering ( wash off )

Our Automatic irrigation booms can be fully integrated in greenhouses already using Dat-A-Control as well as new builds, with an extra software module that offers full irrigation control and irrigation history.

Some of the advantages of using our automatic irrigation booms together with Dat-A-Control are:

  • Highly accurate and efficient use of water and feeds
  • Highly uniform application levels
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Improved product quality
  • Skilled staff freed from the chore of hand watering
  • Resulting in a high quality, uniform and easily graded product
  • Individual bench irrigation capabilities
  • Irrigation history for each individual plant bench
  • Scheduling capabilities per crops, plant lot, greenhouse section, and per specific bench. This also makes it easier for growers to perfect their irrigation dosages 

Would you like to learn more about the Automatic irrigation booms or Dat-A-Control, please get in touch with us!

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