If you are considering making investment decisions in the cannabis industry?  Then you're in the right place!

We are commercial horticultural experts, with 30+ years of cultivation experience growing everything from cannabis, potted plants, to vegetables.

For investors, there are risks and immense potential earnings, so as part of your due diligence you will require the knowledge of industry experts. Our team consists of cannabis consultants, and experts that specialize in internal logistics of warehouse/greenhouse growing, environmental controls, irrigation, lighting and light deprivation systems, etc.

We work with the top greenhouse growers in the industry, as well as project architects, to ensure you are getting the proper ROI.

There is a lot of hype with entrepreneurs and cannabis growers who are diving into to this market opportunity, that have little to no expertise, in growing, horticulture, or cannabis. Some have never run a business and we see investors using cannabis consultants as part of their due diligence, who have minimal experience in the industry.

You need a partner like us so you can better understand this industry, so you are confident you have made the most informed investment decision. If the federal government were to reclassify marijuana on a national scale, the industry could become large enough to rival any in America. This will drive large investments from corporations, big pharma, and other institutions, that will now be competing directly against you. Prices are fluctuating and in some market the prices are already going down.

The only way to stay competitive is by automating! With tight margins, growers who have a flexible and scalable design will be the ones who succeed. They have the ability to be agile in changing market conditions, controlled growing environments for safety and mitigating risk, greater operational efficiencies, environments that optimizes the use of energy, water and chemicals

If you have any questions or would like more information either call us at 877-551-2929 or fill out the form on our contact page, for an immediate response.

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