• Size and shape of the rooms preferably - rectangular 1:2, try to avoid long and narrow rooms
  • Small rooms will leave you with too much unused surface, try to make them 750 SF or larger
  • Veg rooms can be smaller when you can go double or triple tier
  • Know your pot sizes, plant sizes, plant spacing, and height of the plants
  • Watering of the plants - ebb and flow, drip irrigation, hand watering or other ways
  • Inside your bench…. plastic liners, steel mesh, gutters
  • Available height in the greenhouse/warehouse ceiling, light fixtures, plant and working height will give you a bench height
  • Width of the walkways between and around benches, use of cart or trolleys and their sizes
  • Regulations - fire department…. emergency doors and routes
  • Efficiency!! Every unused square foot that is heated, cooled, lighted is a waste of money!!
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl1
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl10
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl2
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  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl9
  • Cannabis-on-benches-Artizen-hoveintl-1
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rare-darkness2
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rare-darkness3
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rere-darkness
  • Detail-cross-profile
  • Fixed-Benches1
  • Fixed-Benches2
  • Fixed-Benches3
  • Fixed-Benches5
  • Fixed-Benches6
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references10
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references11
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references2
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references3
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references4
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references5
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references6
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references7
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references8
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references9
  • KNECHT-Fixed-Bench-2
  • Rolling-bench-on-concrete-2-Video
  • Rolling-bench-on-concrete
  • Rolling-benches-with-valve-1
  • Trellis-support-set-1
  • Trellis-support-set-2

The Cannabench System can be used in every type of greenhouse, warehouse, or indoor grow facility.

Gain more production area, while optimizing the working space between the benches. This also provides a better work environment, due to the crop being at the correct working height vs. being on the ground.

The benches can also be fitted with any self-contained irrigation system. Depending on your needs, you can add 1-way or 2-way valve systems.

Over the years, the HOVE rolling benches and fixed bench designs have played an integral part in both greenhouse and warehouse systems.

We will plan your facility together with you, to get the maximum out of your facility and a fast return on investment!

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a HOVE bench system, please get in touch with us!

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