One of the most important and wide-spread application for rolling benches are production greenhouses for potted plants such as: Orchids, Spathiphyllum, Calandiva, Begonias, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Chrysanthemum, Poinsettia, Calathea, Spathiphyllums, Roses, Cactus and just about every potted plant you can think of.

Rolling benches improve space efficiency by as much as 30% compared to stationary benches and/or growing directly on the ground.

Specific Advantages for growing potted plants on rolling benches:

  • Streamlines all production processes such as potting, spacing, trimming, order picking, etc.
  • Reduces labor costs and improves working environment for greenhouse workers because the crop is at a correct working height and not on the ground.
  • Rolling Benches generally allow growers to utilize up to 90% of the space in the greenhouse, while non-rolling bench arrangements often use only 60% of the space
  • Savings on chemical usage
  • Savings on space as a result of the “first in first out principle” on the pipe-run's;
  • Irrigation, nutrients, disease fighting, growth regulator can all be applied in a precise manner with various automation possibilities
  • When using a rolling container system less space is needed for the internal transport of the plants
  • Central work area is possible allowing for more efficient working conditions
  • A much improved airflow within the greenhouse, underneath the benches, especially compared to crops grown at ground level. This reduces the risk of humidity induced diseases for the crop
  • Because of the improved air-flow under the benches, it becomes more energy efficient to create the appropriate climate conditions for growth in the greenhouse, leading in turn to lower energy costs
  • Ebb and flood irrigation is easily possible
  • Ebb and flood irrigation with small compartments is also possible, in order to avoid the possibility of spreading disease for sensitive crops
  • Allows for easy operation in greenhouses with multiple heating-cooling zones for the various stages in the plants life

HOVE International helps it's customers choose the right solutions for their crops.

The starting point can be a Manual rolling bench system, and depending on the automation needs of the grower various levels of automation can be implemented, all the way to a state of the art full-automatic system controlled using the Dat-A-Control Software.

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All systems are designed to offer maximum flexibility for both short and long-term needs. So even if a manual systems can be later fitted with automation solutions without requiring large scale modifications.  

 What are the benefits of working with HOVE International?

  • Maximize labor, growing and operational efficiency
  • Scalable designs to protect your investment
  • Efficient chemical usage
  • Automation to reduce inefficiencies
  • Optimal space utilization
  • Years of expertise, with excellent reputation and references
  • QUALITY: represent the highest quality of products in the industry

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a Rolling Bench system, please get in touch with us!

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