HOVE starts each assessment with an onsite visit to analyze and document your current workflow and logistics.

Deliverables include a document that provides our recommendations to improve operational logistics and a more efficient workflow plan.

After providing an automation assessment, HOVE can develop a master plan that addresses your requirements for the next 5 to 10 years.

Our master plan can phase automation implementations and production improvements to your business requirements, allowing you to plan ahead for capital expenditures.

The master plan is a working document and can be adjusted as goals and market conditions evolve.

HOVE International can provide product and vendor recommendations, for all phases of automation.

In some instances we may initially recommend a manual solution, adding automation at a later phase.

Over the years HOVE has worked with many equipment vendors.

We take pride in associating only with vendors that provide high quality products and superior service.

HOVE has established relationships with high quality installers across North America.

These installers have worked with us for many years and know our products and systems. They are reliable and have proven track records.

HOVE can be onsite during installation to assure equipment is installed to factory standards.

Clients can also elect to contact HOVE at any time during installation to address any questions or concerns.

HOVE provides the highest quality of support after the installation is completed.

We also assist our clients in sourcing any spare parts that are needed or source other parts that may not be part of the original installation.  Save time, HOVE can do that for you.

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