For a great deal of growers, just the capability of of using a precise Ebb and flood system is already reason enough to want to use a bench system.

When using a mobile bench system, water supply for the benches is usually done with Water Supply Points, that are mounted throughout the greenhouse. Depending on size bench and required water capacity, HOVE can help you choose the right model of water supply points from Logiqs.

The mobile bench systems from Logiqs, which HOVE International recommends can be fitted with Ebb & flood trays, and the system can use either Water Feed Points for Ebb & flood, or the greenhouse can be fitted with special Automatic Irrigation Booms, that also have Nozzles.

These very advanced Irrigation Booms can also be integrated into the Dat-A-Control Software by using the Dat-A-Control Module.

This module, then also logs the irrigation history for each individual container and keeps track of empty benches so not to waste chemicals or water.

If you would like to learn more about the water supply points that your specific situation would require, please get in touch with us! 

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