Rolling Benches with an aluminium or plastic Ebb and Flood bottom have to be washed under high pressure. This ensures the cleanliness of the bench surfaces and overall hygiene.  

For this task, Logiqs developed two different cleaner solutions, that are implemented according to the capacity requirements of the greenhouse

The 100° Cleaner

The name comes from the 100° angle at which the containers are flipped during the cleaning process. In this way, both the dirt and water easily fall out of the container.

The bottoms are cleaned, with the use of high-pressure nozzles, which move along the length of each container. The cleaner can also equipped with a dispenser for mixing in disinfecting agents.

The import and export of containers is usually done by an OHK (overhead crane), but can also be combined with an input via a pipe track or A-track.


The 180° Cleaner (Roto-Cleaner)

The 180° Container Cleaner gives the grower a higher capacity than before possible.

This cleaner has a tiltable (rotating) platform on which dirty containers are positioned upright. The platform then rotates and the dirty container is washed by several high-pressure water nozzles. Once the container is washed, the platform once again rotates, and the clean container emerges ready to be buffered.

The 180° Container Cleaner is designed to work together with an OHK (overhead crane) transport system.

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a Rolling Bench system and a Bench Cleaner, please get in touch with us!

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