Fully automatic logistical systems that Logiqs designs and builds are the most advanced in the world and use unique logistical equipment and software that help growers achieve higher capacities, better product quality and overview while reducing labor costs and improving labor conditions in the greenhouse.

HOVE International works together with the growers to fully understand their needs and ambitions and reach the desired automation results at the best possible price point.

When needed, long term phase plans can be made where the grower can fully understand how his greenhouse's logistical system can be upgraded in time, even to a full automation level (advanced logistical solutions like the 2D-Shuttle can be retrofitted and accounted for in phased plans).

Some of the advantages of using a fully automated bench system are:

  • Lower labor costs for internal transport of plants and a higher logistical capacity then a manual system
  • Better working environment for greenhouse workers because the crop is at a correct working height and not on the ground
  • Improved space utilization, of up to 90% of total greenhouse surface
  • Savings on water and chemical usage
  • Improved air-flow under the benches, leading to overall better energy efficiency for heating/cooling the greenhouse
  • Ebb and flood irrigation is easily made possible by using Ebb and flood bench surfaces
  • Allows for easy operation in greenhouses with multiple heating-cooling zones for the various stages in the plants life
  • Less space is needed for the internal transport of the plants
  • Processes such as potting, spacing, order picking, irrigation and even Plant Phenotyping can al be fully automated
  • The Dat-A-Control Software suite can give the grower full control over both production processes as well as help plan production and can be configured to communicate with the corporate ERP system
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The automatic greenhouse logistical systems from Logiqs stand out because of their reliability and flexibility, together with the unique and user friendly Dat-A-Control software integration of all the equipment, benches and plants.

Also read the article explaining why our rolling bench design is superior to the ones of competitors.

 If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a Automated Rolling Bench system, please get in touch with us!

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