Now with two locations in Arizona, Skyline Nursery’s latest greenhouse is devoted to producing a new product for the company.

Building a new greenhouse operation presents many challenges but also the greatest opportunity for innovation and automation. Skyline Nursery’s President and Owner, Aaron Leighton seized the opportunity and made a strong commitment to selecting the highest-quality design and industry solutions for their new greenhouse operation.

Aaron selected Nexus Greenhouse Systems to design, construct, and implement their new greenhouse operations. He also selected the HOVE International, Inc. / Logiqs team and their benches, transport lines, and shipping stations specifically for their reputation and high quality customer services and solutions.

While growers typically look at the cost per square foot for installing benches, they sometimes also decide they could better utilise the money elsewhere in their operations. Aaron, however, quickly realised bench production would not only offer better ergonomics for the Skyline Nursery labor force, but would also provide maximum space utilisation and long-range growth opportunities for their newest crop.

Working closing with Nexus Greenhouse Systems, the HOVE International, Inc. / Logiqs team designed their solutions specifically to fit the unique characteristics of Skyline’s new product and to integrate seamlessly with the Nexus greenhouse system. As a result of Aaron’s foresight and vision, Skyline’s newest greenhouse and product is strategically positioned for success.

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