Silver Vase was founded in 1988 by Andrew Bartha and Ilma Bartha, a husband and wife team who had 12 years experience managing other firms in the industry. Silver Vase started out with shade houses on a small 5,000 square foot plot in Homestead, Florida. Today they serve both the retail and wholesale sides of the green industry.

The Bartha’s strong entrepreneurial drive led to multiple expansions of their business and operations. However, in 1992 Hurricane Andrew not only devastated the Miami-Dade area but also completely destroyed the original Silver Vase operations.

Seizing the opportunity to turn a major disaster into a new success, the Bartha’s quickly rebuilt their greenhouses and began to turn their company into one of the most innovative potted plant growers in North America.

At the time, using automation technologies to grow Orchids was a relatively new concept and the Bartha’s made a giant leap of faith, having the vision to see there would be long-term return on investment (ROI) for their investment in new automation.

Silver Vase has partnered with the HOVE International, Inc. / Logiqs team since 1992, implementing automation carts, pushers, and pullers; overhead cranes; and a custom shipping system. The HOVE / Logiqs team has designed and customized solutions specifically to fit the Silver Vase operations and the plants they grow.

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Due to savvy investments in state-of-the-art technologies, Silver Vase experienced a tremendous growth in production and profits. Today the fully robotized and environmentally friendly greenhouse operation extends to approximately 850,000 square feet across several locations in United States.

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