The Automatic Transport Lines made by Logiqs start off with the A-Track as the building block, which is then fitted to the level of automation desired by our customer.

The modular design of our Automatic Transport Lines together with our logistics know-how help our clients move past potential bottlenecks that can appear in the production and growing process.

Automated greenhouses that use Rolling container/bench systems together with Automatic transport lines have a great deal of advantages when compared to traditional greenhouses: 

  • Increasingly complex crop mixes grown in one greenhouse become unmanageable without an automated internal transport system
  • Increase in production capacity
  • Reduces the labor costs
  • Optimize the used space in the greenhouse
  • More complex work-flows become possible
  • Highly modular automation possibilities allowing for a smooth implementation, as well as perfectly suitable for step-by-step expansions 

Our Automatic Transport Lines are capable of handling even the most challenging rolling bench transport scenarios such as:   

  • crops that need to be moved through multiple climate areas during the growth cycle
  • crops that need to be re-spaced on the containers during growth
  • greenhouses with a high variety of crops with different growth cycles
  • multi-level greenhouses

The use of transport Lines offers a fixed automation system, with a high container capacity as well as maximum flexibility during season peaks.

In multi-level greenhouses Automated Transport Lines are used in combination with Elevators and/or Overhead Cranes making each level of the greenhouse easily accessible.

Automated Transport Lines can also be adapted to suit the customer's needs, for example when a container also needs to be rotated, stacked, un-stacked, etc.

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a Rolling Bench system and Automatic Transport Lines, please get in touch with us!

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