The HOVE Cannabench Systems are universally applicable for maximizing space utilization, superior plant cultivation, operational efficiencies, labor costs reductions, and higher profits. High quality and first class workmanship, guarantee a long-life span, even with heavy workloads.

The Cannabench System can be used in every type of greenhouse, warehouse, or indoor grow facility.

Gain more production area, while optimizing the working space between the benches. This also provides a better work environment, due to the crop being at the correct working height vs. being on the ground.

Different bench options that are available:

  • High quality ebb and flow trays, guarantees optimal irrigation and a dry surface after watering.
  • Galvanized steel mesh or aluminum in different shapes and sizes
  • Styrofoam plates, with PE-Foil, Fleece, or MyPex on top.
  • Growing gutters for special crops.
  • Poles and trellis systems for support of nets.
  • Different irrigation valves.

Our benches can be fitted to different irrigation systems. Depending on your needs, you can add 1-way or 2-way valves. The watering groups can be controlled centrally or individually.

The benches have the following specifications:

  • 18” to 32” height of the bench top to the ground
  • Benches can also be multi level when mounted stationary
  • Bench tops made out of strong aluminum profiles
  • Bench top with plastic liners for ebb and flow or to collect the run-off water
  • Bench tops with galvanized mesh or galvanized expanded metal
  • Table tops roll very lightly on their sub construction
  • Mounting of the bench without welding, using a click system with corners that are pop riveted in place
  • The support legs are either set in concrete or they are drilled to a concrete floor
  • Height adjustment of 4” to level the benches in case of irregular surface
  • Benches can be built around posts when they are in the way
  • Benches can be fitted with stanchions for trellises and/or crop netting
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl1
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl10
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl2
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl3
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl4
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl5
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl6
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl7
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl9
  • Cannabis-on-benches-Artizen-hoveintl-1
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rare-darkness2
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rare-darkness3
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rere-darkness
  • Detail-cross-profile
  • Fixed-Benches1
  • Fixed-Benches2
  • Fixed-Benches3
  • Fixed-Benches5
  • Fixed-Benches6
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references10
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references11
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references2
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references3
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references4
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references5
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references6
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references7
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references8
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references9
  • KNECHT-Fixed-Bench-2
  • Rolling-bench-on-concrete-2-Video
  • Rolling-bench-on-concrete
  • Rolling-benches-with-valve-1
  • Trellis-support-set-1
  • Trellis-support-set-2

The benches can also be fitted with any self-contained irrigation system. Depending on your needs, you can add 1-way or 2-way valve systems.

HOVE now offers another variation of bench - the Gutter Bench. It is constructed of heavy duty white PVC which is extruded like our aluminium benches. This provides excellent air circulation between the plants reducing excess moisture, i.e., mold and mildew issues.

Here are a few images taken 7 Acres Marijuana Farms from Kincardine, Ontario, a recent project delivered by HOVE International.

  • 7-Acres-Hove-International-reference3
  • 7-Acres-Reference-Hove-marijuanaventures
  • 7Acres-HOVE-Cannabench-references5
  • 7Acres-HOVE-Cannabench-references7

Over the years, the HOVE rolling benches and fixed bench designs have played an integral part in both greenhouse and warehouse systems.

We will plan your facility together with you, to ensure maximum use of your growing facility and a fast return on investment!

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a HOVE bench system, please get in touch with us!

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