HOVE’s fixed and rolling bench systems are universally applicable and they provide optimal utilization of your growing space. High quality materials and first class workmanship guarantees, many years of problem free usage, even under the harshest conditions.

The HOVE systems can be installed in all types of greenhouse and warehouse environments. HOVE hanging benches will offer additional utilization of the production space above any rolling or fixed benches.

You will gain more production space and better utilize your work areas. We offer 3 different support structures:

  • Benches of a metal substructure – height adjustable and set up on finished supports
  • Galvanized Steel Pipes – height adjustable and installed in concrete footings
  • Concrete bench substructures – height adjustable

For our tables there are different inserts and tops that are available:

  • High quality Ebb & flood trays for optimal irrigation without residue moisture for nearly all crops
  • Mesh wire inserts in different forms & sizes
  • System flow table with Styrofoam plate, PE-Roil, ground cover, and anti- algae foil
  • Gutter systems for specialty crops
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl1
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl10
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl2
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl3
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl4
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl5
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl6
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl7
  • Cannabis-cannabenches_hoveintl9
  • Cannabis-on-benches-Artizen-hoveintl-1
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rare-darkness2
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rare-darkness3
  • Cannabis-on-benches-hoveintl-rere-darkness
  • Detail-cross-profile
  • Fixed-Benches1
  • Fixed-Benches2
  • Fixed-Benches3
  • Fixed-Benches5
  • Fixed-Benches6
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references10
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references11
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references2
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references3
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references4
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references5
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references6
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references7
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references8
  • HOVE-fixed-benches-references9
  • KNECHT-Fixed-Bench-2
  • Rolling-bench-on-concrete-2-Video
  • Rolling-bench-on-concrete
  • Rolling-benches-with-valve-1
  • Trellis-support-set-1
  • Trellis-support-set-2

The benches can also be fitted with any self-contained irrigation system. Depending on your needs, you can add 1-way or 2-way valve systems.

HOVE offers another variation of bench - the Gutter Bench. It is constructed of heavy duty white PVC which is extruded like our aluminium benches. This provides excellent air circulation between the plants reducing excess moisture, i.e., mold and mildew issues.

Here are a few images taken 7 Acres Marijuana Farms from Kincardine, Ontario, a recent project delivered by HOVE International.

  • 7-Acres-Hove-International-reference3
  • 7-Acres-Reference-Hove-marijuanaventures
  • 7Acres-HOVE-Cannabench-references5
  • 7Acres-HOVE-Cannabench-references7

Over the years, rolling benches and fixed bench designs have played an integral part in both greenhouse and warehouse systems.

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a Rolling Bench system, please get in touch with us!

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