Overhead Crane

The Overhead and 3D (X/Y) Cranes produced by Logiqs streamline the transport of both empty and full plant containers and have been successfully implemented in countless greenhouses and plant nurseries throughout the world.

Over-head cranes can be used for numerous applications, the most important being the transport of empty containers to and from buffers.

We also make over-head cranes for containers with full grown plants for delivery areas.

The Overhead Cranes are also our tool of choice for the supply and removal of containers to a Container Cleaner

Transporting containers filled with plants can be especially useful in the flexible supply to your order picking area and in the transportation to and from a possible second layer.

  • Endhoven-Kraan
  • Junglestar-Kraan
  • Kraan-orchid
  • Microflor-KraanCleaner
  • Piko-Kraan
  • Piko-Kraan1

3D Crane (X/Y Crane)

For large-scale greenhouses that have high capacity requirements for order picking, Logiqs developed the 3D Crane.

This crane can serve a large surface area, and move on both the X and Y axis.

This solution is ideal for order picking, giving the grower immediate access to all the containers within the cranes reach.

  • HOVE-intl-3DCranes-Logiqs1
  • HOVE-intl-3DCranes-Logiqs2
  • HOVE-intl-3DCranes-Logiqs3
  • HOVE-intl-3DCranes-Logiqs4
  • HOVE-intl-3DCranes-Logiqs5
  • HOVE-intl-3DCranes-Logiqs6

If you would like to learn more about how your greenhouse would benefit by using a Rolling Bench system with Overhead Cranes and/or 3D Cranes, please get in touch with us!

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