One of the most popular automation solutions from Logiqs in North America has been the Automated Transport Vehicle!

These automated carts can be placed on the central concrete path in the middle of your greenhouse so to make it possible to load and deliver to both sides of your greenhouse or can be attached to the outer walls of your greenhouse.

What sets our Automatic Transport Vehicles apart from our competition is the high capacity that can be handled, the flexibility of the system and the high reliability of the equipment

The transport of multiple containers on one cart is possible in two ways: one after the other by use of retractable conveyor sections mounted to the frame or above one another by use of a lift built into the cart.


Some of our clients that have one or more Automated Transport Vehicles are:

  • Westbrook Greenhouse Systems Ltd.;
  • Aldershot
  • Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd.;
  • DeLeon’s Bromeliads

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