Harster Greenhouses has been a longstanding customer of HOVE International and Logiqs B.V.

They invested heavily in automation in order to move, prepare, pack, and ship their plants as efficiently as possible. Stepping into their warehouses is like stepping into a fully automated flower factory. From automatic conveyor belts, an overhead crane, automatic container cleaners, and robotics, which can delicately handle and wrap individual plants. Their operation is based on speed and efficiency.

Harster believed from day one, working with HOVE / Logiqs, would create and offer the most desirable greenhouse logistical system, for their business requirements.

We became partners with Harster and worked side by side with each expansion. Each phase is part of the master plan and we are fine tuning that as we go along.

For more information as well as pictures please visit: www.harster.ca

If you would like more information about the logistical possibilities for your greenhouse, and all the advantages that come with our mobile bench systems, please get in touch with us!

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