HOVE International is in the process of installing a new head house system at our long-time customer, Silver Vase in Homestead Florida.

Silver Vase was founded in 1988 by Andrew Bartha and Ilma Bartha, a husband and wife team who had 12 years experience managing other firms in the industry. Silver Vase started out with shade houses on a small 5,000 square foot plot in Homestead, Florida. Today they serve both the retail and wholesale sides of the green industry.

The installation consists of the re-use of the shipping crane by mounting it to the roof of the head house and extending it. We are also installing a second layer in the greenhouse between the head house and the production greenhouse. This second layer will return stacks of 5 empty benches to the production area. In the production area we have made a second layer to the production crane.

By doing this, we have eliminated all the empty bench stacks from the work floor, as well as removing the shipping system. Now the client has a complete empty floor in the shipping area under the overhead crane to do his order assembly.

On the second layer in the corridor we can have 500 empty benches in stacks of 5 high, this massive storage capacity allows for increasing the shipments of their plants during busy holiday weeks. The client asked Logiqs/HOVE to assist in creating a system so that they can double their shipments as well as remove empty benches quickly and efficiently.

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Once all the work is completed the client will have ample room to grow their business without adding more greenhouses.

For more information about Silver Vase, please visit their website.  

If you would like more information about the logistical possibilities for your greenhouse, and all the advantages that come with our mobile bench systems, please get in touch with us!

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