Bayview Flowers Ltd. - Jordan Station, Ontario, CANADA

The first 2D-Shuttle System installed in North America

bayview flowersBayview Flowers grow potted plants and cut flowers on a weekly basis as well as certain specialty holiday plants, operating more than 30000 m2 of greenhouses.

Their facility in Jordan Station also provides 5.000 m2 ­of distribution and cut floral processing.

They sell a wide range of potted plants and cut flowers in Canada and the US, to all kinds of customers; from the mass marketer to the corner florist.

Bayview Flowers have been a valued customer of HOVE International/Logiqs for around 20 years!


The extension houses approximately 600 rolling benches each measuring 5.680 mm x 1.650 mm and is also fitted with water feed points and drain gutters for ebb-flow irrigation. The new benches are all fitted with high-durability plastic ebb-flow liners.

The doubling of the growing surface also doubles the average distance a bench travels during production.

This growth in surface and distance in turn increases the required transport capacity by four times.

In order to achieve this capacity increase, Bayview Flowers chose to fit the new greenhouse with a fully automatic bench system.

The choice was also made to upgrade the existing logistics system from a partially manual bench system to a fully automatic system.

The existing logistics system was also build and delivered by HOVE International/Logiqs more than 15 years ago and proved to be an ideal candidate for the automation upgrade

This large scale automation was done by installing two of our innovative 2D-Shuttles and A-Track Automatic transport lines. The two shuttles are  able to fully automate the entire growing surface of around 12.000 m2 at a much lower investment cost than conventional push-pull systems.

The existing transport lines, remain in place but receive automatic drive units that connect them with the new transport line making the system one whole.

This project once again showcases the modularity and flexibility of our unique 2D-Shuttle solution and is the first 2D-Shuttle system implemented in North America.

This is third project where Logiqs implements a 2D-Shuttle system with an existing logistics system.

The extension to the growing surface also means that the existing work area needs to be moved and extended so that it can fulfill the increased demand of the greenhouse.

Because Bayview Flowers also has a large inventory of benches with aluminum liners, the existing Overhead crane also got an upgrade, so that it can differentiate between benches with plastic and aluminum ebb-flow liners. This is feature that will be used for the automatic stacking and retrieval of empty benches.

Together with this extension and automation, Bayview Flowers also made the choice to implement our industry leading greenhouse control and plant registration software: Dat-A-Control.

This allows them to fully control the logistics system and all machine while at the same time give them a precise overview of the crop with individual bench registration and tracking.

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