For more than two decades, we have worked together with Westbrook Greenhouse Systems Ltd. on several projects and for mutual clients. We have also had the privilege of working together with Westbrook and having our own mobile benches and automation solutions selected specifically by Westbrook for their greenhouses 2, 3, and 4 in Grimsby, Ontario.

Westbrook was founded in 1980 and is well known as a leader and innovator in the field of commercial and production greenhouses. They offer a wide selection of greenhouses, benches, heating, doors, and material handling systems to commercial growers, nurseries, and retail outlets across North America. Located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, this family run business has also been greenhouse growers for 40 years. Their entire growing operations include four separate greenhouse locations with a total production area of more than thirty acres, as well as a corporate head office facility and a floral distribution center

Westbrook is highly respected throughout the industry for both their crops and greenhouse systems. Working together with Westbrook for mutual clients and at Westbrook’s own greenhouses is always exciting for the HOVE /Logiqs team. Since the Westbrook team includes highly talented growers, technicians and designers who truly appreciate the products and services provided by the HOVE / Logiqs team, working with Westbrook always offers unique opportunities to design and deliver customized and leading-edge solutions. As a result, the HOVE / Logiqs internal transport systems have been designed to integrate well with the Westbrook solutions.

Westbrook recognized early on the need for quality systems in the industry and as a result has developed many new and innovative products including the first curved glass greenhouse, the Apex greenhouse and the Skyline II greenhouse. Westbrook is well regarded by the industry for their technical expertise, design, and quality greenhouse solutions. The HOVE /Logiqs team truly considers Westbrook both a client and a premier partner. We are especially honored to have our internal transport solutions selected by Westbrook and implemented at the Westbrook Greenhouses 2, 3, and 4 in Ontario.

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