DeLeon’s Bromeliads added a new 5.5 acre state-of-the-art glass greenhouse at their 30 acre Mount Dora, Florida location in 2006. This fully automated operation is undoubtedly considered the most modern computer operated facility in the US horticulture industry. The move to hands-off production has helped DeLeon’s not only lower their margins but reduce their labor costs as well.

 DeLeon’s facility includes a new state-of-the-art greenhouse that integrates a Logiqs mobile bench system and an Automatic Transport Vehicle with additional automation systems, including potting robots, a grading system, and an environmental control system.

The Logiqs "Automatic Transport Vehicle" moves the tables from the production area to a controlled location in the greenhouse. Our overhead crane moves tables from the table stack to the production line. This large operation is an example of how the Logiqs systems can successfully integrate with other leading automation manufacturer’s products.

As one of the top growers of bromeliads and orchids in the United States, DeLeon’s has a solid reputation for their controlled methods of growing. DeLeon’s is also are well known as industry leaders due to their commitment to state-of the art automation.

The HOVE International, Inc. / Logiqs team and products were selected after much research and due diligence. Before making a final decision to buy any products, DeLeon’s carefully considered not only price, but product features, capacity requirements, quality of the equipment, manufacturer’s reputation, and customer service capabilities.

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For more information about DeLeon’s Bromeliads, please visit their website.

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